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Easy Microfinance is a best practice Microfinance Institution. As such Easy Microfinance adheres to the highest standards in terms of Client Protection Principles,  Social and Environmental practices and Governance and Business Integrity (KYC, Anti-Money laundering and Anti-Corruption practices).



Easy Microfinance is a responsible lender which endorses and applies the Microfinance client protection principles: (i) Easy Microfinance will ensure that its products and delivery channels will be adapted to its target clients. (ii) Easy Microfinance will do its utmost best to avoid over-indebting its clients. (iii) Easy Microfinance will communicate in a clear and timely matter to its clients, including transparent information on pricing, terms and conditions, avoiding any hidden fees. (iv) Easy Microfinance will maintain a responsible pricing, meaning that the products it offers are affordable to the clients while at the same time allowing the institution to be sustainable. (v) Easy Microfinance is committed to treat its client fairly and respectfully; it will also (vi) ensure the privacy of its clients data in accordance with the laws and regulations in place. Lastly (vii) Easy Microfinance has a mechanism for complaint resolution in place.




In the course of its business, Easy Microfinance wants to ensure that social and environmental risks are properly managed. Easy Microfinance will not finance activities which are socially and/or environmentally harmful and has implemented an exclusion list of activities that it will not finance. Furthermore the company is committed to create a safe and fair working environment for its employees, without discrimination on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and national or social origin. Moreover Easy Microfinance will operate in full compliance with applicable laws in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar as well as with international best practice performance standards as prescribed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC): it will implement and adequately deploy an effective E&S Management system.




Easy Microfinance adheres to the highest ethical standards and will exhibit honesty, integrity and fairness at all times in its internal and external interactions. The company has implemented a code of conduct for its employees which needs to be respected at all times. Employees will always interact in a professional manner with the company’s clients; they must actively prevent conflict of interest situations and are not allowed to accept gifts, money or other types of material values or services from clients or suppliers. Easy Microfinance has 0 tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption in all business dealings:

It will comply with all applicable laws and promote international best practices including those laws and international best practice standards intended to tackle AML/CFT, anti-bribery and corruption and economic sanctions;

It will deal with regulators in an open and co-operative manner;

It will commit and adopt good corporate governance practices;

It provides an appropriate whistleblowing / grievance recourse mechanism for clients or staff to facilitate the reporting of wrong doings and misconducts.